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As part of the continuing revitalization of the downtown Newark area,
Championship Plaza, a small gathering area/thoroughfare on the opposite corner of
the Mullberry/Edison intersection, was opened to the public in 2009.
One of the centerpieces of Championship Plaza is a mock-up statue (for lack of a
better term) of the Rock of Gibraltar, better known as the logo for Prudential
The plaque reads:

"The Prudential Insurance Company of America has been a cornerstone of
Newark since 1875. In that time, Prudential's world famous logo has become
emblematic of strength, stability, and sound financial thinking. The company's
longevity and unwavering commitment to customers and community have earned it
the simple, powerful nickname of The Rock."

Surrounding the Rock statue on the ground are championship markers, basically
stone tablets of each championship the Devils won.

Directly behind the Rock are the 3 Stanley Cup championship tablets.
And diagonal to it, along paths that go along the near railings, are all tablets for the
other championships the Devils had won. (With a few blanks... allowing room for

Below are a small sample of those.
A grantite Devils logo is painted in the center of the Plaza. The surrounding bricks
are special made: fans can order a commemorative brick to be placed there and
have a specialized message (as long as it's not obscene or derogatory towards
anyone) put on them. (They aren't cheap, either.)
Also present is a 22-foot statue of a hockey player on the north side of
Championship Plaza.
According to Krawczyk, it was fabricated in a way
to make it look like blocks of ice molded together.
He has said of it, “Especially with the stainless
steel-look with the grind marks, it gives it the look
that ice has when it breaks, and you get an almost
diamond quality. I wanted to do something where
you had that movement, and with lights nearby,
the statue changes as you move around it. I
wanted to have as much motion in it as possible,
with it still being a solid sculpture.”

It also serves as kind of a time capsule. Former
Devils co-owner Mike Gillifan had a Prudential
Center Opening Night hat and puck and a Scott
Stevens jersey that he donated encapsulated inside.
The statue was sculpted by California resident and naitve of Boonton Township Jon
Krawczyk. He used 6000 pounds of stainless steel, and was shipped cross-country by
truck in 3 different pieces.
On the south side of the Plaza, directly in front of the PNC Tower and Devils Den Store
is the Devils Army Rig, a WW2 Army truck that has been used in service all over the
world and retrofitted. (Meaning modern technologies has been added in.)

This was wheeled into the Plaza permanently in late 2010.