This trophy was awarded to the player that led the league in plus-minus
during the regular season, having played in a minimum of 60 games.

History of the plus-minus stat: The stat was first established for the
1967-68 season. It was supposedly to reflect a player's ability to
contribute offensively and defensively. I say supposedly because I think
it's a useless stat. To me, it's not truly indicative of what a player can
contribute on both sides of the puck.

History of the trophy: The trophy was first awarded in 1983, and last
awarded in 2008. Except for one year, when it had no name, it has
always been sponsored by a commercial business.

-From 83-84 to 87-88, it was sponsored by Emery Worldwide and was
known as the Emery Edge.
-It had no name in 88-89.
-From 89-90 to 95-96, it was sponsored by Alka-Seltzer.
-From 96-97 on forward, it was sponsored by Anheuser Busch, first
donning the name "The Bud Ice Plus-Minus Award" up through 97-98,
then "The Bud Light Plus-Minus Award" right through to 07-08.
Scouts/Rockies/Devils that have won the Plus-Minus Award:
Scott Stevens
Patrik Elias